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The piece "Life's Long Night" was an a piece I was looking for was to painting for some time. It is heavily inspired by the Chinese Qixi Festival, also called the night of sevens and the magpie festival, but most commonly known in the west as Chinese Valentines day.

The lore behind the festival is wonderfully romantic and is one of my favorite bits of mythology, On this, the seventh night on the seventh lunar month, we remember and celebrate the legend of two lovers, Zhinü the weaver girl and Niulang the cowherd. 

Star-Crossed lovers separated by greater powers. The magpies though, moved so by the bond the two lovers share, lend themselves, creating a magpie bridge once a year allowing the lovers to reunite and spend the night together. 

The literature and culture of this festival are very moving and inspiring, I highly suggest everyone who is interested to discover it for themselves. 

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