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The piece "Room without walls" was trying to capture a very singular but simple feeling.

That feeling you get when you're caught out in a rainstorm with an umbrella, or walking in a thick fog.  The feeling you get in the dark of night with a campfire only faintly illuminating a circle of bush and trees around you. Everything behind all part of the darkness. 

It is the feeling that, despite being out in the open; despite being in a public place; and sometimes, despite even having other people there, just out of earshot.

You have found a private place that is all yours. Yours for however brief a time that it lasts. A place that fills with your thoughts and feelings and contemplations and, after a while, just your simple presence.

If you find a place or a time, that can make you feel this. It is as if you are standing in a room of your very own. A room with no walls.

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